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Marry someone who can make you laugh in public and scream in bed.
- Me giving my friend relationship device (via adorability)

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椿 対 夜半 因縁の腕相撲対決


Tsubaki VS Yohan : le bras de fer du destin

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At this moment, it was painful to breathe
Even if I search in the mirror
I can’t feel my own existence with certainty

With sadness along my cheek
I look up, out of the window
In the night sky, there are stars that cannot shine alone

I was unable to notice
Even the sounds of my own heart
It just has to become someone else’s rhythm
And stay there without changing

I was searching for the meaning of living
The light seemed to fade
I don’t forget the warmth of your hand

The night of shedding tears passed
In the midst of that, I opened my hand
I can fly, if I close my eyes…
If the two of us could wish for that…

The overlapping Pleiades that can’t shine alone
I’ll smile with you here again, without changing
So sweet pain….

Be as one

- Subaru - Alice Nine (via anon-nao)

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